No Big Deal Nation

A Glorious Exploration of Our Newfound Arrogance

Month: February, 2012

Ah, the time of year where people you’ve never heard of receive awards that you don’t care about. (And, the NBA Slam Dunk Competition also sucks.) No big deal.


Play Some Defense

The NBA All-Star Game is on today. And, nobody cares. No big deal.

Uniting Partisan Politics

Honest. Self-less. Accountable. Leadership. Efficient. Prudent. Financially disciplined. Helpful.

All words our country’s politicians can spell.

(No big deal.)

It’s True.

Where I live is cooler than where you live. No big deal.

Thanks Bobby Flay.

Made lobster tacos for dinner. No big deal.

Stating The Obvious

I built this website for free. No big deal.

Pretty Standard


[…] No big deal.

Happy Presidents’ Day!

3-Day Weekend. No big deal.


I just taught some raccoons how to recycle. No big deal.

So, It Seems . . .

So, I’m a pretty big deal. No big deal.