We live in a newfound age of arrogance. And, we like to make fun of it and the people who promulgate it.

What started with bloggers, chronicling the details of their lives that no one cared about, soon spread to social media platforms, enabling even Malcolm Gladwell’s “late adopters” to find novel ways to tell us what they’re doing, how good they are, or other arrogant vignettes about their otherwise normal lives. Meanwhile, no one cared, but the arrogance spread.

This online illustration of people’s predeliction for self-glamorization seemingly has deep roots in pop culture, perhaps best illustrated by recently-gone “[…] just saying,” a punctuated excuse for saying anything offensive, curt, or arrogant. In an effort to explore the depths of our society’s newfound arrogance, we present to you – “No big deal,” a sarcastically-triumphant baseline to any tongue-in-cheek, but extremely over-the-top, arrogant statement, to make fun of all the losers out there who think they’re better than everyone else and feel compelled to tell us about it.

Got a new job? No big deal.

About to get married? No big deal.

Want to post before and after photos of your diet, even though you still look fat? No big deal.

Want to show us a photo of some below-average airline lounge inside an airport in a city that no one wants to visit, but makes you feel important because they call you sir or ma’am? No big deal.

Come join us on this journey. Share your NBDs. Because, really, in the end, it’s no big deal . . .