No Big Deal Nation

A Glorious Exploration of Our Newfound Arrogance

(Non-Melting) Pot of Gold

Everyone’s Irish on St Patty’s Day….except for the English, Welsh, and Scottish, because, you know, they all hate each other. No big deal.



Islamorada, Florida is a Village of Islands. No big deal.


9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape. No big deal.


If you have a problem with FX’s The League, you have a problem with yourself. No big deal.

Upward Dog


Namaste. No big deal.


I figure, within a year, this website will be competing with Chuck Norris Facts, for online, tongue-in-cheek, comedic relief and, within 3 years, competing with the NFL as America’s national pastime. No big deal.

March Madness

They call it The Big Dance, even though they don’t dance. No big deal.

Military Alphabet

November. Bravo. Delta.

Saturday Eve

Today’s Friday. No big deal.

Pass the Grey Poupon

Had lunch today. No big deal.